Announcement of Muslim Ban 3.0

On Sunday night, Trump issued a proclamation indefinitely banning almost all travel to the U.S. from seven countries – Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea –  and imposing country specific restrictions as well. A small group of citizens from Venezuela will face restrictions and heightened scrutiny too.

Following yesterday’s announcement, the U.S. Supreme Court removed the October 10 oral arguments from its calendar, and asked the parties in the case for additional briefing to be filed by October 5.

Muslim Ban 3.0 will go into effect on October 18. The addition of three countries does not negate the anti-Muslim intent of the original ban. Of the eight countries targeted, six are Muslim-majority; North Korea has a negligible number of people who receive visas; and the application to Venezuela is extremely limited.

“We cannot forget the families hurt most by this hateful and discriminatory Muslim Ban, and we will continue to fight every day for their civil rights,” said Zahra Billoo, the Executive Director of CAIR – San Francisco Bay Area. “This latest delay is just one step in a long legal process. We will not be deterred in continuing to challenge the President’s multi-pronged assault of hate directed toward communities of color.”

For deeper analysis, see the Muslim Ban 3.0 Fact Sheet from Penn State Law’s Center for Immigrants’ Rights, Muslim Advocates and ADC. Additional information can be found here.

Update on the #NoMuslimBanEver National Mobilization

The #NoMuslimBanEver campaign will be moving its national mobilization in DC from October 10 to October 18, the day on which Muslim Ban 3.0 will go into effect. 

Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers of the #NoMuslimBanEver campaign said, “Impacted and allied communities from around the country will continue to fight this discriminatory policy and the #NoMuslimBanEver campaign will continue. We will continue to resist this immoral and unconstitutional Muslim Ban and any new bans in all forms, in all venues, and in all ways—no matter how long it may take to achieve justice.”

We ask you to join the campaign by raising awareness through events, forums, dialogues,  and actions, and by attending the national mobilization on October 18 in Washington, D.C.

You can register events and attend events in your local community by visiting the campaign website, which also provides graphics and a toolkit to help organize your event.


Project South will be hosting three events this week, a Know Your Rights Training on 9/28 (Harvey, LA)a seminar on Representing Arab and Muslim-Americans in Challenging Times on 9/29 (New Orleans, LA) and a mock tribunal Clarkston Peoples Assembly: Laws, Rights, and Our Power! on 9/30 (Clarkston, GA).

The Voices of Resistance: #NoMuslimBanEver Twitter Town Hall hosted by will be on Thursday 9/28 at 1 pm ET. It will be anchored by MPower Change, NNAAC, One America, Project South, Yemeni American Merchants Association, and PANA and moderated by Arjun Sethi. Please join the conversation by following #NoMuslimBanEver.

9:28 Town Hall

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