Anti-Sharia Protest, Austin, TX

June 10 Anti-Muslim Protests 

On June 10th, Act for America, an anti-Muslim hate group, organized a series of national anti-Muslim protests called “March Against Sharia.” ACT members were outnumbered on Saturday by counter-protestors in several cities. In New York, three dozen people attended the “anti-sharia” rally, while the counter-protestors numbered in the hundreds. The counter-protestors, which included Muslim, Arab and South Asian community members, exclaimed slogans of inclusion and solidarity. Identity Evropa, a group of white nationalists, came to support the ACT rally in New York while Vanguard America, another white supremacist group, turned out in Harrisburg, PA.

In San Bernardino, a few hundred ACT protesters yelled slurs and rushed a group of counter-protesters. In St. Paul, 300 counter-protestors gathered outside the state capitol in response to the hate event happening inside. In Austin, the counter-protestors slightly outnumbered the anti-sharia protestors, and some held signs remembering those who lost their lives fighting Islamophobia and racism in Portland a few weeks ago.

The Southern Poverty Law Center updated a live blog documenting the rallies and standoffs between counter protestors and ACT. They also noted the presence of Oath Keepers armed with handguns at numerous protests. The SPLC considers the Oath Keepers to be one of the largest radical anti-government groups in the U.S.

pdx rally
Counter-Protest Rally, Austin, TX

June 14 CVE Hearing

On Wednesday, June 14, the Senate will be holding a hearing entitled “Ideology and Terror: Understanding the Tools, Tactics, and Techniques of Violent Extremism.” Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs chill civil and constitutional rights; encourage profiling and surveillance of innocent Muslims in America; are based on junk science; and have been widely denounced by civil society, including teachers and psychologists. For helpful resources on CVE programs, please visit the Brennan Center of Justice.

New Resource On Combatting Hate Violence

The Stop Hate Project, an initiative organized by the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, just released a new resource on combatting hate violence entitled, “Community Response Toolkit: When Hate Groups Come to Town.” The toolkit includes know your rights materials and best practices for community groups, law enforcement, and public officials for responding to hate violence.

New Resource On Human Rights & National Security

Amnesty International recently released a new resource entitled, “Human Rights in National Security: An Educator’s Toolkit.” The toolkit contains four modules, each providing lessons and resources on a key area of U.S. national security policy post-9/11, including drone strikes, global war, indefinite detention, torture, and surveillance.

Brutal Immigration Practices

In May, the Trump administration announced that it plans to end Temporary Protected Status in 2018 for about 580,000 immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Haiti. TPS designation is granted to persons from countries embroiled in war, suffering from natural disasters and other adverse, temporary conditions. On June 7, Haitian and Central American activists announced they will be meeting this week with the Presidents of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, seeking an extension of TPS status.

On May 31, Vicente Caceres-Maradiaga, 46, died from acute coronary syndrome as he was transferred from a private detention center in Adelanto, CA to a hospital. He is the ninth person to die in ICE custody this fiscal year. There were only 10 deaths in all of fiscal year 2016. Christina Fialho, Executive Director of Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC), said, “I have no doubt that the increase in immigration detention deaths is directly connected to both the increase in the number of people detained and the effective elimination of federal standards on humane treatment.” (BuzzFeed)

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