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What to Know

Visitors from other countries including those in the Visa Waiver Program (38 countries including the UK, France, Australia and Japan) could be forced to reveal cell phone contacts, social media accounts and passwords, and browsing and financial information under the Trump administration’s “extreme vetting” practices. Travelers could also be subject to an “ideological test” in order to be able to enter the U.S. In a joint coalition letter forewarning of these practices, civil liberties organizations, human rights groups, and legal experts argued that such practices would be a massive invasion of privacy and discourage business, tourism and journalism.

Since 2016, a number of bills have been introduced and passed in state legislatures restricting and punishing sanctuary campusesSB 2710, already signed into law in Mississippi, prohibits the formation of sanctuaries and invalidates all existing sanctuary policies by a “state agency, department, political subdivision of the state, county, municipality, university, college, community college, or junior college.” The state of Georgia passed HB 37, which will withhold state funding or state administered federal funding to private and public post secondary institutions which have sanctuary campus policies in place. Two bills have already passed through one chamber in both Alabama and Indiana; the bills are now working their way through the legislatures.

Islamophobia is Racism is a resource for Teaching & Learning about anti-Muslim Racism in the United States. The syllabus focuses on “how structures of violence, inequality, and war have produced anti-Muslim racism and discrimination” and describe “its wide-ranging impact on everyday life.” The syllabus includes essays that address recent events like the 2017 “Muslim ban,” and also show how “similar policies extend to both earlier moments and other communities.”

What to Do

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