*Victory: A federal court in Hawaii ordered a nationwide stay last night on two sections of Muslim Ban 2.0: the 90 day ban on immigration from six Muslim majority countries and the 120 day suspension of the refugee admission program. In addition, a Maryland federal court imposed a nationwide stay this morning on Section 2, the 90 day travel ban. These decisions are an extraordinary development and ensure that the two key provisions of the executive order cannot be implemented at this time.
*Resistance: Around the nation, various efforts are being planned to raise awareness and protest the Muslim ban. If you’re interested in organizing your event, check out this mobilization toolkit from Church World Service which contains talking points and social media messages.

March 16th| 12PM EST: Unite Oregon invites communities to participate in a No Ban, No Wall, No Profiling rally at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem. (More info here).

March 16th| 4PM PST|San Francisco: AROC (Arab Resource and Organizing Center) along with Bay Area groups will be protesting at the Federal Building in San Francisco (90 7th Street, San Francisco). More info here.

March 16| 4 PM6 PM PST|Los Angeles: We are #FreeToGo: Resist Muslim Ban 2.0. Vigilant Love, SWANA-LA (Southwest Asian Northern African – LA), NQAPIA (National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance), and the Beautiful Resistance are mobilizing at the LA downtown location of the Dept of Homeland Security.  More info here.

March 16| 6PM-9PM PST|San Diego: SWANA-San Diego (Southwest Asian Northern African – San Diego) is mobilizing with partner groups at the federal building. More info here.

March 16th| 4:30PM-7:30PM CST|Chicago: Arab American Action Network and Chicago area groups will be rallying at 101 W. Congress Parkway, downtown Chicago (more info here)

March 18th| 4PM-7PM EST|DC: Join the DC Justice for Muslims Coalition, UNITE HERE! (Unite Here Local 23) & SURJ Northern Virginia for an emergency rally at Dulles Airport’s International Arrivals Terminal, Door 1 (more info here).

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