What to Expect this Week:

A revised version of the Muslim ban is expected to be released by the White House on Wednesday. See article from WaPo.

Trump’s speech to Congress happens on Tuesday, Feb 27th. Here’s what he is expected to say. Counter-responses: United We Dream invites DC-based folks for a People’s Address, and the Advancement Project invites folks to tune into Facebook Live for a conversation about the State of Race.

What to Review this Week:

The Muslim Ban and subsequent DHS immigration memos have had a ripple effect, and have led to the discrimination and detention of numerous people outside of the original seven countries noted in Trump’s executive order.

On February 20,  Juhel Miah, a British citizen from South Wales was separated from his students and colleagues and removed from a plane in Reykjavik, Iceland headed for New York. Miah was subjected to questioning, a body search, and detained for hours. He had a valid visa for travel and does not hold dual nationality.

Muhammad Ali Jr., son of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, was detained on his flight back from Jamaica to the U.S. for two hours. Border agents asked him, “Where did you get your name from? Are you a Muslim?” Muhammad Ali Jr., a U.S. citizen, was born in Philadelphia.

Widespread raids are cultivating fear and chaos in immigrant communities. The raids violate the due process rights of immigrants.

ICE Agents detained 55 people in immigration raids in Asian restaurants across Mississippi. A young woman protected under DACA barricaded herself in her house as ICE forcibly entered. A domestic violence victim was afraid to report her abuser because she feared she would be taken into custody for overstaying her visa. Fear is so high that children are being pulled out of schools and adults are scared to go to work.

What to Do this Week:

Get involved in local events in your area and resist Muslim Ban 2.0 and immigration raids.

On February 28, join the Resistance Rally at 6 PM outside the White House to protest Trump’s address to Congress.

Join #DullesJustice on March 1 at 7:30 PM at Dulles Baggage Claim 13 to learn how to volunteer and push back on what comes next.

Participate in an Immigration 101 Workshop with the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition on March 1 at 6 PM in Washington D.C.

Outside DC: Ohio State’s Muslim Students Associate hosts a Know Your Rights workshop with CAIR-Columbus on March 3 at 6 PM

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