What to Expect this Week:

A revised version of the Muslim ban is expected to be released by the White House this week. See articles from Reuters and WSJ.

What to Review this Week:

DHS has released official memos, factsheets and a Q&A on border security and interior enforcement here. Articles on these memos at WaPo and CNN.

There is no mention of the use of the National Guard in either of these memos, but they do call for the hiring of additional agents, collaboration with local law enforcement, and increase the number of immigrants who can be deported. Notably, while these memos rescinded all previous executive orders, the DACA program is exempted. Read more here and here for an analysis. This memo by Penn State Law and Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, provides a breakdown of the enforcement executive orders.

What to Do this Week:

This week Feb 19 – 26 is the first congressional recess of the 115th Congress. Now is the time to demand that your member of Congress take action on issues affecting immigrants and refugees in light of the executive orders issued by the Trump Administration. See our Resistance page to take action.

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